Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 10 Heart Sutra 8 “What is the Real Meditative State?”

When people hear “meditative state” they usually think that it is sitting and meditating, but actually it is much more important to be in the meditative state in daily life.

So, is it possible to be in a meditative state in daily life? Actually, Yes. It doesn’t matter what ever you do, you will be able to gain the switch that at any moment you will be in a state of emptiness or mediative state and adapt to the phenomena. 

The real meditative state is not some kind of out of daily life experience, because daily life, what ever you may think, is just an illusion. True reality is beyond that and you have to be able to control the daily life from the Emptiness or the Great Spirit’s point of view. This is what you can really call the Samadhi, the Dhyana, the meditative state, and actually this is the Wisdom.

Please listen to the full Dharma talk below

Heart Sutra 8 ” What is the Real Meditative State?”

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