Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

To be Led to a Bright Future

What will your future be like? How will your life be in the future?

 It depends on what you determine. What you believe. What you repeat subconsciously, repeat the words subconsciously in your heart. 

What do you believe about your future? 

Do you believe your future will be good? 

Or you are anxious or worried about the future. Slightly believing that something wrong will happen.

Where does this belief come from? 

Belief comes from a wish. If the wish becomes strong you will transform it to belief. …………………….

what you wish for others and pray for people in the world is such an important practice to live a happy life and to create a good future. 

Even though we have the infinite potential, without effort, without practice to pray for people in the world and to wish for a good future for other people, the heart of giving or subconsciously wishing for a good future for others will not spring out. This heart will not spring out from you. 

Look at diamonds, if diamonds are not polished they will not shine.. 

Our hearts are the same. 

All flowers are produced from mud. The beautiful lotus flowers are from the muddy water. We need to let our heart produce the flower from its karmatic mud. 

We need to polish our heart to let it shine as a diamond. Let your heart shine as a diamond to the Universe with your giving heart, with the wish that people in the world will have a good future and so will you and the people you meet in your life. 

The heart of how much you wish for others, the heart of how much you have faith in a good future for yourself and others, this is truly your real property. ……..”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“To be Led to a Bright Future”

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