Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Narrow Gate is the Way of Enlightenment

“Jesus said go enter into the narrow gate. The gate of ruin or destruction is wide but the gate to life is narrow.  

The gate to life means the gate to enlightenment, and the gate to ruin means the gate to the ego. 

Many people might be interested in the practice of  Buddhism, but how many people are aware that the way of Buddhism is to suppress ego to disappear?  

Suppress ego to disappear means not to try to gain anything, even enlightenment. It is also the way of the Bodhisattva, benefiting all beings, letting all beings be  rescued and to be in the enlightenment state, and at the  same time disappearing the ego of oneself………………

As you wish more for others, benefit others, you are less  interested in yourself, it is the way of the disappearing ego. Human beings’ have an interest in only one or the other, self or others. If you are interested in the benefits of  all beings then your self interest will be much less. If you are fully focused on the benefit of all others, not for yourself, you will be in a state of emptiness….” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Narrow Gate is the Way of Enlightenment”

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