Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Cry for Others

Did you realise that you have been carrying pain in your heart since childhood. Yes, we were all sad in our childhood. We all carried some pain and sadness in our heart when we were a child. Many people might forget about this as they grow up but the pain still exists, the heart remembers. What you felt as a child is that you might not be cared for enough, also to see that the world, animals and or other people that they were not cared for enough. 

You especially felt the feelings of others of other people. You used to see the world with a much more caring heart when you were a child. As a child with a caring heart, to see that people’s feelings were not cared for enough was painful for you. Also to see people who didn’t care about the feelings of others was painful for you. ……………….

Those who are clearly awakened to this pain look for enlightenment, because this is the only way to be relieved from the pain and sadness. Not only to seek enlightenment but also to look for a way to express their feeling, to share with others, to start to work for other people, and to take care of other people who have the pain of the heart. …………….

To heal others brings healing to yourself. Yes, to give healing to others is the most effective way to heal the pain that you have been carrying since childhood. It is written in one of the Buddhist’s Sutras, which is called the Lotus Sutra, that “because of this sadness in my heart I start to awaken to Enlightenment” …………….”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you.

“Cry for Others”

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