Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

How to Create a Joyful Future

The joyful future is created by a playful heart, not something serious, not something of an attitude of a boring adult. Look at all the creations, art works and inventions, they were done by the playful heart. Creation always comes from the playful heart which we call Yu-shin in Japanese. This heart is like a child, expecting excitement from the future and really excited about what is going to happen. Looking at the future like that, and you clearly had this in your childhood, looking forward to tomorrow, looking forward to what you are going to play.

So, how to regain this playful heart is to wish for the good future for yourself and others. If you wish for others then automatically you are wishing for yourself. If your wishes are strong you believe it, and there is no other option in your subconscious, no space accept to enjoy the good future even before it happens.

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“How to Create a Joyful Future”

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